Autumnal Equinox 2011

This shoot marks a full year of working with Kat and Helen on this project. During that time, I have gotten exactly two good shots of Kat. I have lots of photos of her hunched over her work with her face masked by her hair and  shots of her hands, but little more. So this time I determined to focus on her and give us a look at Kat.

So I caught her as she looked up from her drawing. The wind was blowing and I like the way it took her hair.

Below she was spreading her canvas over a standing stone to take rubbings. SInce the stone sat in a pool of water, she had her shoes and socks off and was jumping in and out of the water.

The middle one is Kat working. This was a good day for all of us. I think she is happiest when she is out on the moors.


About idaswears

I left the U.S. for Cornwall 4 years ago. Since then I have spent my time writing, walking and studying the English. It's not always easy being a Yank in Cornwall, but it's always fun and rewarding.
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