Lake District Workshop

I spent three days in Keswick doing a workshop with Dawn2Dusk Photography, run by Ross Hodinott and Mark Bauer. Both men are southwest-based photographers who have  good reputations as landscape photographers. The workshop was small, 12 people, and intense. We were out before dawn, returning only for breakfast then back in the field for shooting until the last ray of light faded.

In preparing this time I managed to forget several items that almost wrecked the experience for me. First, because of the locale, the only filters we really needed were polarizers. Although I packed all of my Lee filters, including the big stopper, I somehow overlooked to polarizer. Second, I neglected to look at the size of my new Tamrom 18-270 lens. The old one, which had been damaged in a fall, was 72mm so I had the 72mm adaptor ring; however, the new Tamron is 62mm. and I didn’t have a ring for it. Also, we were supposed to bring some examples of our work on a memory stick. Forgot that too. So clearly part of my workflow is to make an accurate survey of what I will need, put it on a list and check items off as I pack. Fortunately I was able to buy another polarizer, but as for the Lee Filters, I had to hold them in front of the camera and hope that worked.



 This was taken at Blea Tarn. I used aperture priority, f/6, 1/80s, ISO200. I shot with my 18-270mm lens at 20mm. This was a difficult place to shoot because the ground was really soggy and threatened to eat my boots. The rocks were slick and there was really no place to kneel down. But I had a little pad to keep my knees dry, so I managed to get my tripod low enough to let the rocks dominate the foreground.

We arrived at this end of Derwint Water late in the day, hoping for a lovely sunset. We didn’t get one, but the cloud formations were dramatic and the lake was so calm that it was a veritable mirror for th sky. This shot was taken at f/6.3, 0.60s, ISO200, 18-270mm lens at 23mm. I toggled my polarizer around a bit to get the right amount of polarizer. Also, I took a long exposure, about 8 seconds.

This shot was taken about half-way up Catbells. Because I have a very bad ankle, that is as far up as I could climb. I shot at f/8, 125s, ISO200, 18-270mm lens at 60mm. My bad ankle really limited my ability to climb on this trip, or more accurately descend. I carried a stick in addition to my tripod to help with my walking and climbing, but I was warned to be careful with steep grades so I was cautious, more cautious that I wanted to be. What I like in this photo are the contrasting colors and terrains – hill, valley, and forrest. It may be a little chocolate box, but the colors really draw me in.


About idaswears

I left the U.S. for Cornwall 4 years ago. Since then I have spent my time writing, walking and studying the English. It's not always easy being a Yank in Cornwall, but it's always fun and rewarding.
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