Experimenting with Light Part 2

The continuation of this assignment begins with a photo taken in shade.

I chose this location because I liked the white staircase, the rail and, on the day we were shooting, the shade. We shot at midafternoon, normally a terrible time to shoot and a hard one for the model, who always squints in direct sunlight. So the choice of shade worked well. I shot at f/6.3, s 1/200, ISO320 and 32mm on an 18-105mm lens. I bumped the ISO up in this shot to compensate for the low light; however, I refrained from going too high and risking noise.  The light to the side is somewhat distracting and I would crop closer if I did this set-up again. However, shade is great for mid-day photography.

Inside Daylight

I chose this location and pose after a miserable attempt to use my external flash last night. I got some shots, but they were terrible so I conclude I have a whole lot to learn about indoor flash. In light of that debacle, I decided to shot in the kitchen, by daylight on a very foggy day. My model recently began complaining that I spend too much time faffing around with the camera after I set the shot up. She is right so I am adopting a new regime of taking test shots of the set-up before I request her assistance. That might even get me a smile. This was shot at f/9,1/30s, ISO1000, 50mm lens. The ISO was high, but the noise reduction feature on my camera seems to have worked because I don’t see any noise. I especially like the shadow in this shot.

This shot was taken in a friend’s studio. She is a professional and has her lighting all set up so you can come in, position your subject and get the shot. We changed the backdrop from the usual white to black, which we found more dramatic for this model. I’ve had a couple of lighting workshops, but don’t consider myself fully conversant with lighting techniques so I was contented to work with the available set-up. The result was this photo, which is comptent but boring. It looks like any standard studio shot. I could have experimented more with lighting and will do so in the future. We shot at f/5.6, s1/250, ISO 200. We used a tripod and the large studio lights with things to soften them somewhat. This was fun to do, but I need to be more inventive.

These experiments with light have been part of my on-going study of light. For me, natural light is best. It is warmer, clearer and easier. Artificial light is great because it is always available and can be easily manipulated, but there in lies the problem. It is a whole new learning task to take on the manipulation of light.


About idaswears

I left the U.S. for Cornwall 4 years ago. Since then I have spent my time writing, walking and studying the English. It's not always easy being a Yank in Cornwall, but it's always fun and rewarding.
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