The Exercise That Didn’t

The assignment was to photograph an organized event. I am a little rushed for time because on Xmas Day I go to New Zealand and right after I come back I am to have surgery.  So when I heard about the Solstice Sing-Song at dawn at the Hurlers Standing Stones out on Bodmin Moor, I thought I saw my chance.

We have been having steady downpours for weeks and the land in Cornwall is like a wet sponge. The forecast couldn’t have been worse – gales and rain, but my friend and I determined to make the trip so we started at 6:45. The first part of the drive was uneventful., but as we reached the moor things turned bad. We had more and more trouble actually seeing the road. Then we got to Broud Bridge. My friend looked over the edge and said the water was flush with the bridge. We started up a hill. The pavement was sprouting water streams like little fountains and the embankments had waterfalls draining the fields.

A car stopped us and said the next bridge was under 4 feet of water with 3 cars stalled in it, so we managed to turn around and make our way across the bridge. From there we drove to the A-30, which is a dual carriage way and looked to be uneventful. We both saw a car approaching as I turned on to the motorway, but we estimated there was plenty of time for him to either pass us or slow down and let us gain speed.

He did neither. The driver must have been going very, very fast because the next thing we knew he had passed us on the left (we were in the slow lane) after which he stopped in the middle of the highway and made to get out. I was sure of only two things. I wasn’t stopping in the middle of a motorway and I wasn’t getting out of my car, so I pulled around him and continued. The driver then pulled alongside me in the passing lane and accompanied me to my turnoff some 6 miles down the road. He honked and flashed his lights all the way. When he turned off, he followed, right on my bumper with his high beam lights on. We went a good 5 miles like that. I told my friend to ring her husband, who is a giant of a man and ask him to meet us at her door with a baseball bat in hand. We passed through the village of Pipers Pool with the man still following, honking from time to time. Just as my friend started to call her husband, the driver gave up and fell back. We continued on the my house where my partner made us a fine breakfast of pancakes and we rested from our adventure.

All this is why I did not do the assignment. You will note there are no photos. Couldn’t manage those either. This photography business can get pretty dangerous at times.


About idaswears

I left the U.S. for Cornwall 4 years ago. Since then I have spent my time writing, walking and studying the English. It's not always easy being a Yank in Cornwall, but it's always fun and rewarding.
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