New Lens and Shooting from the Hip

At Lou Smith’s suggestion, I got a new lens for the current assignment – Shooting on Public Transportation. The little honey is a Nikon 24mm and I just love it. Lou suggested buying from AmAZON. note to Lou: As writers we boycott Amazon because of their monopolistic approach to publishing and their failure to pay UK taxes. I used Wex instead and got excellent service and speedy delivery.
This little lens just takes in everything and it is a treasure shooting in low light. I got my chance to put it to work the day after it arrived when I had to go to London for a meeting. We had to be at Exeter station by 6:00 to catch our train so I went to work as soon as I got there.
The second part of the assignment was to try shooting with the camera at your waist without cutting off everyone’s head. The idea is to shoot without being noticed, although the way I do it (looking through tghe viewfinder, faffing around with the settings, putting it in my lap, fussing over the balance, checking the whole thing again) probably attracts more attention than just taking a shot. Nevertheless, Below are three examples of shooting from the hip. Not great photos, but they get the subject, they are reasonably straight and not blurred. For now tLondon Transport (180 of 233)hat will do.London Transport (182 of 233)

London Transport (133 of 233)London Transport (182 of 233)


About idaswears

I left the U.S. for Cornwall 4 years ago. Since then I have spent my time writing, walking and studying the English. It's not always easy being a Yank in Cornwall, but it's always fun and rewarding.
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  1. The photo of Milly’s is very good!


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