I am an American expat who moved to Cornwall in 2006. After a former life as a associate professor, taxi driver, beet packer and family therapist, and mystery writer , I wanted to pursue my first love – photography. I enrolled in a degree program to get a start on learning technique and spent two years on a Bodmin Moor project along with a poet and a visual artist. Since then I have worked with a mentor, Lou Smith, in London. After a lifetime of using words, I find that my photography has a truth heretofore inaccessible to me.


7 Responses to About

  1. Rhys Jones says:

    Do tell us, please!

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  2. Bea dM says:

    Moving from language to images must be like visiting another country without any bearings…

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  3. Sandy Sue says:

    Well, I’m dumbfounded and a little teary that you decided to follow me, too. That may be the tail-end of my pneumonia making me emotional, though.

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  4. How is your eye sight doing? Can you use it to take pictures?


  5. idaswears says:

    Thanks for asking. My eyesight is poor but stable and I can still take photos. Thank heavens for that. I’ll be posting new stuff soon.


  6. cat9984 says:

    Beet-packer? I’ve never run across one of those before. How did you happen upon it?


  7. idaswears says:

    I lived in North Central Minnesota on a far. Work in sugar beet processing was one of the only ways to earn a living so I spent a winter shovelling beet pulp. It was a filthy, thankless job and d dry morning I awake happy not to be there.


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