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Rapa Nui

The place is better known as Easter Island, but the native people call it by the Polynesian name, Rapa Nui. It is one of the most isolated, occupied places on the planet. No Starbucks or Marriot hotels, but loads of … Continue reading

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Th3 Antarctic is one of those places we see on nature shows where we exclaim that we’re glad not to be there or sigh wishing we were. I was always in the latter so last month I tok the trip. … Continue reading

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Dartmoor and Lydford George

The moor is a magnificent expanse in a very crowded countryside. These photos cover two aspects – the moorland around Drake’s Aquaduct and Lydford Gorge, on the edge of Dartmoor.

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I am usually wary of posting my holiday photos, but these come by special request. Last fall is took a cruise up the Norwegian coast on the Huertigruten line. The boats deliver mail, packages and freight as well as passengers … Continue reading

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Shooting inside a casino

I’ve been told that photography inside casinos is prohibited and even carrying a camera can get you thrown out. But recently I was in Auckland N.Z. where there is a casino embedded in an entertainment complex with hotels, movie theaters … Continue reading

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Exhibition Time

Two Old |Boilers and a Camera aka Julia Hobday and yours truly, are mounting the second on their ongoing series of exhibitions. It is a frantic but joyous time, racing around getting last minute frames and mounts, hanging, straightening, rehanging … Continue reading

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Shooting in the Dying Light

All summer I have known my vision was deteriorating. I could no longer read the road signs as I drove, reading was getting harder and computer work was a nightmare. Then on October 20 the verdict came. I have developed … Continue reading

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